Have professional live drum tracks added to your recordings. What you need to do.

Contact me with details of what you need recorded.

  • Supply MP3s of your recordings recorded to a click or drum part.
  • Guide track of instruments without drums.
  • Guide track of vocals.
  • Drum demo or drum machine track if you have one (not essential).
  • Bitrate and sample rate (usually 24bit/44.1khz or 24bit/48khz).
Information for individual songs
  • Tempo (BPM).
  • Style of the songs.
  • Links to any reference tracks.
  • Thoughts you have on the songs.

Once I have recorded a song, I will send you a simple mix of the drums as MP3 for you to hear and suggest changes if required.

Once you are happy and I receive payment via Paypal, I will send to you via Dropbox the 11 completed multi tracks as wav files:
  • Kick drum
  • Snare top (Dynamic)
  • Snare top (Condenser)
  • Snare bottom
  • Rack tom
  • Floor tom
  • Overhead right
  • Overhead left
  • Room right
  • Room left


Base rate of $AUD 80.00 (approx $USD 60.00) per track. For more complicated songs (requiring more work) we can discuss and agree on a price.

For album projects of 8 songs or more, happy to negotiate a price.

Contact Tony